Women Wear Many Hats


We are daughters, mothers, friends, mentors, sisters, aunties, cousins, in-laws, grandmothers, nieces, professionals, caregivers, counselors, encouragers, healers, pet owners, co-workers, teachers, advocates and protectors.  We are mentors and role models of compassion, honesty, flexibility, responsibility, integrity, selflessness, appreciation and faith.  We are domestic cleaners, launderers, ironers, chefs, menders and tailors and professional shoppers.  We are referees, coaches, listeners, life learners, visionaries, financial planners, organizers, event coordinators, keeper and reminder of schedules and important dates, peacemakers and more.  We know how to make things happen in our world.  All of these hats play an important role in forming the whole and beautiful women that we are today. 

Decide which hats you need and want to put on and wear them with honor, grace, confidence and humility.